Monday, October 25, 2010

1 Ne 6-7

Nephi inserts a brief interlude explaining that he will not record everything, particularly the things that his father writes down.  He implores his descendants only to write things of worth in his plates, that is, things that will persuade people to come to God.  Lehi sends his sons back to Jerusalem, this time to find themselves some wives.  They go to Ishmael and talk him into coming with them.  On the way back, some of Ishmael's sons and daughters and Laman and Lemuel decide they want to go back to Jerusalem.  Nephi vigorously chastises them and tells them that they can go and die if they want, just remember that he warned them.  They get mad and tie him up, and he prays to God and snaps the cords.  One of the women pleads with the rebels to calm down and not hurt Nephi, and they calm down, feel terrible, apologize, and move on.

So, first of all, we now know why Nephi skims so quickly over Lehi's prophecies and whatnot; Lehi is apparently writing, too.  That makes sense.
I'm not surprised that Lehi didn't tell his sons to go get some girls when they were picking up the plates.  They probably had to get away pretty quick after they snuck in and chopped a well-known citizen's head off.  I can just imagine them showing up at Ishmael's house: "Hey guys, want to come to the promised land with us?  We.. uh.. kinda have to go.  Right now."
I thought that the fight in the desert was interesting; why didn't the dissenters just up and leave without starting a fight?  Although it occurs to me that they might not have enough water (and water containers) and food to split among two parties safely, especially if they had already made it more than halfway.  Nephi calling them out is powerful, but has a few unnecessary-seeming jabs in it.  He basically says "you guys are really bad older brothers and I, your little brother, am smarter than you because you are so dumb!"  So much for diplomacy.  I'd be a little ticked off if I were them, too, although maybe I'd think twice about tying my brother up and leaving him for the buzzards.  A little harsh.  For all we know, Nephi is probably middle-school age, and we all know how good those kids' people skills tend to be.
My one last thought was, if Nephi just did his little Incredible Hulk move and snapped the ropes like dental floss, weren't his brothers a little nervous about attacking him again?  And yet it takes one of the women pleading for him to stop their anger-drunk violence. Then again, maybe that's just typical guy behavior.

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